Good Causes


The Signature Series was born in 1999 when CSN created the first Mach 5 racecar from the famous cartoon series. The vehicle toured the United States co-sponsored by Motor Trend, the US Department of Transportation, and others. Everywhere Speed Racer appeared, the organization achieved all time attendance and media records. Most importantly, we made every community and every Speed Racer fan aware of free resources to help them raise safer, healthier kids.

The second vehicle in the signature series was by Lamborghini. Appropriately called the “Celebrity Gallardo” autographed by major television and movie stars, the Celebrity Gallardo was another successful campaign, which helped CSN achieve its goals.

The next signature series vehicle was the Basketball Hall of Fame Viper, autographed by the legends of basketball.

CSN is one of the many good causes that will benefit from future Signature Series Campaigns.